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Sinnce I don't know very specifically how you intend to approach the project, I can't comment much on just what you intend to do. 
I will say that I think the emphasis, at least for the beginning of any such tutorial should be page navigation.  People need to really have it rubbed in that they are dealing with a document that has certain conventions.  For example, you generally see navigation links on the top of the page, the text after the navigation links, and other navigation links, some of them repetitive.
The links list, I veel very strongly, should not be taught until the person has received enough instruction to thoroughly teadch the concept of a document with certain conventions.  And that means teaching the search command, not just as something to be used in the great variety of moving through web pages, but rather as an essential thing in itself.  The search command is one of the most under used and most powerful ways to find things.
As to the conventions of web pages. the navigation links are to allow you to efficiently move from one part of the web site to another.  If this concept, a document with conventions, isn't really emphasized, the person learning may never get a proper understanding of how to think about web pages.
I could go on about teaching but I'm not sure how much detail would be appropriate for this list and not the chat list.  A good deal of what you will be teaching is universal in terms of good Windows screen-readers and web navigation.  Commands are very standardized now among widely used Windows screen-readers so the first question is whether this should be for NVDA specifically of for blind users in general.  Since so many blind computer users are poor or mediocre Internet users, if you broaden the description, you may help a lot more people.

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Subject: [nvda] planning on writing a guide on browsing the web efficiently with NVDA

Hi everyone.

As the subject says, I am planning to write a guide on how to browse the web more efficiently with NVDA.

As you all know, NVDA has a ton of single navigation commands to navigate to different webpage elements, E.G. Landmarks, headings, block quotes, links, the newly introduced groupings and articles etc. However, there doesn't seem to be much info in laypersons terms about what these elements are, much less how you can use them to  get around the web quicker. There's loads of dev info on w3c, but nothing much for your average screen reader user navigating the web.

I would post it on the community wiki as frankly I'm only one woman and don't know everything.  So it'd be a community effort much like the JAWS to NVDA guide, which I did most of the initial work on.

What do you all think of such a project? Would you find it useful?

Also, if a similar thing already exists, I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

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