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From the user guide the restrictions below.

3.1. Portable and Temporary Copy Restrictions
Apart from the inability to automatically start during and/or after log-on, the portable and temporary copies of NVDA also have the following restrictions:
• The inability to interact with applications running with administrative privileges, unless of course NVDA itself has been run also with these privileges (not recommended).
• The inability to read User Account Control (UAC) screens when trying to start an application with administrative privileges.
• Windows 8 and later: the inability to support input from a touchscreen.
• Windows 8 and later: the inability to provide features such as browse mode and speaking of typed characters in Windows Store apps.
• Windows 8 and later: audio ducking is not supported.

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On 1/03/2020 9:50 am, abdul muhamin wrote:

Hi all, while using nvda copy, I noticed that the device manager is not accessible, I want to know more about the limitations in portable NVDA. Thanks.


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