Re: Itunes Library with NVDA

David Griffith

Unfortunately the default view in iTunes is not friendly to screenreaders.

The  advice for screenreader users is generally to

  1. Change the library sort view from Artists to Songs.
  2. Now you can enable column browser which is pretty essential for a smooth iTunes experience. Oddly column browser can only be enable with songs as the sort view. You should find column browser in the view menu with songs set as the sort view. There is also a keystroke to enable column browser which I am afraid I have forgotten for the time being though I could find out. Actually in the latest iTunes I find getting to the menus a little awkward but pressing alt and v gets me into the required view menu so you could try the same.
  3. Once column browser is enable you can return to the view menu and select which elements you want iTunes to sort your music by. Personally I uncheck genre .
  4. Once you have this all set up your music library will be sorted into columns. On my iTunes the first column is artists and I can simply arrow down to hear each artist. Now pressings the tab key  or right arrow will jump you into a column with the all the albums by a particular artist and then pressing tab  or right arrow again from the album column will land you in a list of all the songs on that album. Press enter to play, space to pause, control alt arros left and right to fast forward and  backwards, left and right arrows to move to next and previous tracks.
  5. Press shift tab to navigate back through the columns.
  6. So basically with this setup iTunes becomes not just accessible but easy to play music from.

David Griffith



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From: Mary Otten
Sent: 01 March 2020 01:21
Subject: [nvda] Itunes Library with NVDA


Hi all,



It has been a long time since I ventured to open iTunes on my pc. I have

the latest version, recently installed, and I have the NVDA latest as

well. I can tab and find a tree view that is my music library. and I can

arrow down through sections like albums, artists, songs etc. But I can't

find a way to get from my chosen selection, say artists, into the list

of artists, so that I might pick one. I have tried right arrow to no

avail. Tab yields nothing useful. Pressing enter starts a song by the

first artist in the listing of artists. But I can't find a

keyboard-centric way to actually get to that list. Any advice?








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