Re: Numpad Issue With NVDA And Thunderbird

hurrikennyandopo ...


In which mode are you in?

Pressing the insert key + 5 on the numeric key pad does nothing.

But if you use the number 5 on the numeric keypad by its self on a word it if pressed 2 times will spell out that word.

If you use the insert key + 5 on the main key board it will turn on and off report dynamic changes on and off.

Are you editing a document or reading it with the review cursor?

Gene nz

On 2/03/2020 10:51 am, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

I am not quite sure when this started--probably with the 2019.3 update, but now when I am in a Thunderbird message and I want to try to highlight a word in an open message and check the spelling, when I press insert + numpad 5, NVDA says: 'blank.'  This also occurs in the subject field and the other header fields.

Has anyone else noticed this and is there a work around?

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