Re: Numpad Issue With NVDA And Thunderbird

Ron Canazzi

Hi Gene,

I have tried all of these options and I still get blank. Furthermore, when I switch to the screen review and try navigating with the 7, 9, 1 and 3 numpad keys, all I her is blank.  Could something be turned off in settings within NVDA?

On 3/1/2020 5:52 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
Hi Ron

Try the following.

On the numeric key pad press the nvda key +num pad 1 so you go to object navigation.

Then go back to the subject line then use the review cursor now it reads. If left in the other mode nvda key + 7 it will not read the subject in the header etc if you get what I mean.

If you also say locate a word with the review cursor in your email then press the num pad 5 key 2 times it will spell it letter by letter.

I am guessing this is what has happened.

Gene nz

On 2/03/2020 10:51 am, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

I am not quite sure when this started--probably with the 2019.3 update, but now when I am in a Thunderbird message and I want to try to highlight a word in an open message and check the spelling, when I press insert + numpad 5, NVDA says: 'blank.' This also occurs in the subject field and the other header fields.

Has anyone else noticed this and is there a work around?

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