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I'm glad the restart of NVDA fixed the issue, though I cannot guarantee it will work permanently.

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On Aug 7, 2016, at 2:25 AM, Matt Turner <> wrote:

Hi, restarting NVDA seemed to have fixed it.

Thanks for all the help.

On 8/6/2016 7:38 PM, Chris Mullins wrote:
File Explorer is the W10 equivalent of Windows Explorer and similarly requires configuring to how you prefer to see information displayed.

As in Windows Explorer, you can view information on your computer in the same way for all folders of the same type. To do this, do the following:

1. Press Windows+r, type C: in the edit box and press enter.
2. Press alt+v, then press l.
3.arrow to your preferred format for folder/file display and press enter (Details is probably the best for a blind user).

4. Press alt+f, then press o. You are now in a multi-tab dialog on the General tab. These settings are personal choice but I'll tell you what I use and why then you can set them to suit yourself. Use the tab key to move through the controls, arrow keys to select your choices.

The first control sets where File Explorer will open when not started for a specific location. The choices are QuickStart and ThisPC. I set mine to ThisPC as I tend not to use quickstart as I usually set up shortcut keys for things I use regularly so do not need the clutter of quick start items.

The next control is a pair of radio buttons which specify if each folder you open is in the same or a new window. I set this to be the same window as you end up with open windows all over the place if you elect to open each in a separate window and it can get very confusing.

The next control is another pair of radio buttons. Set this to Double click to open, single click to select. I know this is mouse related but in keyboard terms, it equates to enter to open, focus acquisition to select (either by arrow key or spacebar).

The next 2 controls related to quick start information, which as I don't use, I leave unchecked.

Now tab down to the Apply button and press enter, then press tab again to loop back to the top of the dialog box.

Press Control+tab to move to the next tab in the dialog box, the View tab.

The first control here is a button, which if you press enter on it, will apply the display format you chose in step 3 above to all folders of this type on your computer. You should press enter to do this.

Now tab down to the Advanced settings. This is a treeview containing the settings applied to the display of information in File Explorer. It is quite extensive so I will just list the parameters I have checked or set to an On state. Note some parameters may be set to On by default but I may have switched them off.

Always show menus
Display the full path in the title bar
Show hidden files and folders
Hide folder merge conflicts
Hide protected operating system files
Show Drive Letters
Show Status bar
Use sharing wizard
Select the typed item in the view
Expand to open folder
Show all folders

Now tab to OK and press enter. Close the File Explorer window and try opening your Download folder again and see if you can read it now.


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Hi folks, having a strange problem.

When i try to access files in the downloads folder, or for any other folder, i can't see them.

Going into the downloads folder, i hear something about file explorer.

All i can see is the search box, and the Details, and large icons thing.

I no there's stuff in the folders, but i can't see them for some reason.

This just happens.

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