Re: conversation list on facebook messenger

Hareth <hareth4m@...>

You need to be little more specific.
Which messenger app or web browser interface you using?
I use the web facebook messenger interface with chrome and the
"messenger beta app" for windows10,
Both chat list or conversation list accessible, Names ETC.
Tested and used with NVDA, Jaws2020, and narrator,
All working fine.
Note, I don't use firefox with FB messenger, so I can't tell about it.

On 3/2/20, Richard Kuzma via Groups.Io <rmkuzma@...> wrote:
Good evening,

Just starting to play with facebook messenger.

Looks pretty accessible but when I get to the conversation list all it read
is link and not who it is with.

Tried with nvda and jaws,

Any help would be appreciated.


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