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Further to what I said yesterday, you can  become so concerned with learning, using, and explaining every little thing about the many ways of web page navigation that you can micromemorize and micromanage web page navigation, which may obscure the big picture and makes web page navigation seem much more difficult than it is.
For example, you don't have to memorize web page after web page headings, such as that on x web site, heading level threes move you through these kinds of links, heading number twos moves you through these kinds of links, etc.  While you can explain what these numbers mean and how you might use them for the fastest possible navigation on a familiar page, if you think fractions of seconds count, I contend that simply moving by headings by typing h to move you through all headings will get you where you want to be quickly and without the drudgery of micromemorization.  What does it matter if I type h 2 times to get where I want, or the number 3 1 time. 
Your initial question about all the ways to navigate indicates that the variety of ways to navigate may evidently be obscuring your big picture understanding.
It is important to know many ways of navigating.  People should know commands for move by button, heading, skip links. move by check box, and move by separator, to give many examples which cover most of the important quick movement commands.
but teaching the quick commands should be done organically, when teaching how to use the structures.  When teaching how to work with radio buttons, or check boxes, the quick movement commands can be given. 
The point isn't that there are all these commands to move.  The point is how do you work with these structures, and how might you want to move quickly from one such structure to another. 
I will be happy to communicate with you more off list or on the chat list.  If you want to do so, let me know. 

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Hi Kara


I think it is a fabulous idea.


I’ll definitely use such a manual.




Christo Vorster (South Africa)


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I think it’s a great idea. I reckon loads of people will find it useful, myself included 😀


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Subject: [nvda] planning on writing a guide on browsing the web efficiently with NVDA


Hi everyone.

As the subject says, I am planning to write a guide on how to browse the web more efficiently with NVDA.

As you all know, NVDA has a ton of single navigation commands to navigate to different webpage elements, E.G. Landmarks, headings, block quotes, links, the newly introduced groupings and articles etc. However, there doesn't seem to be much info in laypersons terms about what these elements are, much less how you can use them to  get around the web quicker. There's loads of dev info on w3c, but nothing much for your average screen reader user navigating the web.

I would post it on the community wiki as frankly I'm only one woman and don't know everything.  So it'd be a community effort much like the JAWS to NVDA guide, which I did most of the initial work on.

What do you all think of such a project? Would you find it useful?

Also, if a similar thing already exists, I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

All the best,




Kara Goldfinch

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