ccleaner new version


Hi all.

Well there is a new version out of ccleaner.

CCleaner hasn't had a new version in ages, however, the following things have been done.

1.  all those nice tweaks in the ccleaner.ini no longer function so you can't manually turn off healthcheck or updater or whatever it is called.

At first there is an announcement when you start.

Don't for any reason interact with it because you will then not be able to close ccleaner, just hit alt f4 and it will just do whatever.

2.  sadly the old options/ lets turn off healthcheck and only use custom cleaning button seems to be skipped over by nvda so I don't know, I may try with another reader and then see if that puts something in the ini file.

3.  healthcheck just like the previous quick clean is a great program, its just completely unusable by us.

They thankfully left custom clean alone, however this is probably it, if they in any way screw up custom clean, then I am going to have to completely abandon ccleaner because I just can't interact with it anymore.

I am seriously thinking about sending a recording to ccleaner support and all that because we can't even navigate these announcements or healthcheck itself, maybe have them set it so its not going to be active anymore or something.

If only we could choose the option that would be a different thing but we can't.

As of now, this ini file is still usefull for its intended purpose of custom cleaning adjustment so you don't have to interact with the inaccessible front panel but thats all.

For now if wanting to do something click either tools for custom clean before you do anything, do not hit anything else other than that.

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