Re: NVDA Crashing while reading Word document

Sarah k Alawami

Go to the temp folder and look for I think nvda-old.log. You will ge ther ety typing %temp% in the run dialogue.

Take care

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On 3 Mar 2020, at 12:02, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

Hi, Quentin and team,

Apologies to you and to Sean for leaving the unrelated message attached in my previous email.

I am currently reading a straightforward Word document which involves some technical information and so I need to arrow back and forth to verify information. NVDA crashed a few times for no apparent reason. Then I found that when I used the "numpad 2" key to identify a character in the text, NVDA crashed. I had to restart NVDA each time. The document was not disturbed nor did I lose my position only NVDA seemed to suffer. When I restarted NVDA there was no longer an active log for the previous fault.

Question: Is there any way to trap the log after a crash?

All the best,


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