Re: Windows OCR and debug logging.

John Isige

Hitting NVDA-numpad 8 put me on "new firmware window", I assume that means that's the object it was on. NVDA-r still produced no results. I'm pretty sure I've tried routing to graphics on web pages too, with similar results. That's why I wondered if anybody had a definite example to test it on, in other words an image or such where we know what the result should be and how to get it. Because I'm seriously wondering if it's even doing anything at this point.

On 3/4/2020 15:38, Jackie wrote:
Sometimes it helps to use object navigation to ensure that it's
recognizing the correct graphics.

On 3/4/20, John Isige <gwynn@...> wrote:
Does Windows OCR show up in debug logging? I ask because I'm still
encountering the situation where it pretty much does nothing. So I
restarted with --disable-addons and --debug-logging to see if I could
find out what it's doing. I opened Komplete Kontrol, because I knew it
had a dialogue that opened, and hit NVDA-r to recognize said dialogue.
Debug logging recorded the input gesture just fine, but the next two
things it logged were NVDA speaking "recognizing" and "result". I was
really surprised that there was no mention whatsoever of any sort of OCR

Alternatively, if anybody has an example of a place where OCR should
absolutely work, I'd be happy to test it. It's really weird that it
doesn't seem to recognize anything. It worked briefly when I posted
about this a while back in an earlier version when I restarted without
addons, and then it worked with addons, but then it just sort of stopped
giving me useful results, and this has continued into 2019.3.1, Windows
1909. Everything I recognize just reads "blank", there's pretty much
nothing there. I don't use OCR a lot, but I did actually use it to
update firmware from Komplete Kontrol once, and since that's the
dialogue that's come up, it would be nice to have it working again.

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