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Bhavya shah

Dear all,

Thanks Brian and Nimer! Judging by Nimer's recommendations, I narrowed
down to (a) Key Pass and (b) Bitwarden. I decided to give Key Pass the
first try due to its open source nature. More than Key Pass being an
unfamiliar software, password managers as a class of software are not
very known to me so I apologize in case upcoming questions are
So far, in Key Pass, I went into one of the groups, added an entry
(title, username, password and other things). Now, the URL of this web
address is such that you have an e-mail address field (and not
username) on one page, then one needs ot press the Next button, and
then the password needs to be inputted. I was hoping for a system
wherein I could auto-fill and save effort using the password manager.
When I click the closest sounding Perform Autotype- option in the
context menu corresponding to this entry with the login webpage
already open in a browser though, things don't seem to work. I hear a
bunch of sounds and then the Terms of Service of this website open
rather than my account on it. Thoughts?


On 3/4/20, Nimer Jaber <> wrote:
Give bitwarden a try. Also, Lastpass has a free version with a few
limitations, but still works well.


On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 8:27 AM Brian Vogel <> wrote:

I would suggest both Searching the NVDA Group Archive
and Searching the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Archive
the phrase "password manager" or "password managers" along with "free" if
that's critically important, as this topic has been discussed many, many
times on both groups.


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