Re: Rounding words in Microsoft Word.

Sarah k Alawami

My profs at UNLv would do that, drove me nuts. I wrote 430 words and they said I failed as I only wrote 40 400 etc et etc. Yeah it was quite annoying and I remember those days. Thanks for the tops I will be trying this out maybe, if I have to at school in a few months.

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On 5 Mar 2020, at 9:46, Robert Kingett wrote:

Short reply because I'm editing my novel, the rounding is mainly for writers when submitting to professional markets. they want rounded words in your document and cover letter when submitting fiction to literary agents, publishers, and otherwise. It's a writer post, for writers, but I figured some non writer people would find field tutorials useful and or rounding the word count helpful. Even if you're not a writer, rounding the word count can come in handy. By the way,

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