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the part in the user guide under advanced settings is as below.

It can be found in the settings then advanced section in nvda. After you check that box you will need after you tab to go down to that section and look through it.

From the user manual.

Caret move timeout (in MS)
This option allows you to configure the number of milliseconds NVDA will wait for the caret (insertion point) to move in editable text controls. If you find that NVDA seems to be incorrectly tracking the caret E.g. it seems to be always one character behind or is repeating lines, then you may wish to try increasing this value.

Gene nz


On 6/03/2020 8:01 am, Gene wrote:
I am unaware of such a setting.  Window-eyes used to have one but I know of no other screen-reader that does.  What programs does this happen in?  Are you running anything in  the background?  I wonder if something is slowing something down and causing the problem.  What synthesizer are you using?
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hello everyone.
in nvda 2017.3, how can i increase caret movement timeout?
i face repeating characters, lines word,
or announcement of wrong character by nvda.
thanks and God bless you!

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