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Sam Bushman

Hi All,


I am having problems in FileZilla

When I arrow through the list of entries to connect to in the site manager I get the old entry I just left before I hear the correct entry.

I tried to change the value mentioned below and it doesn’t make any difference.

I even increased the default from 100 to 500 and same issue.


Hope this helps with an example. Can anyone duplicate this?

I didn’t have this issue in earlier versions.




P.S. Latest version of FileZilla

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It is very unlikely that this option related to carret timeout is available in any of the 17.x series.  I have 17.1 and it isn't in that version.  In the 19.x series, there is an item in settings called advanced.  The setting is there.  there is no advanced item in 17.1 and it is very unlikely there is an advanced option in any of that series.

Also, it is under the browse mode grouping, which raises the question of where it works.  The manual entry begins as follows:

Caret move timeout (in MS)
What does In MS mean?  Does it specifically mean in specific circumstances such as browse mode or perhaps in specific situations using UIA?  I have no idea but it must mean some sort of limitation or why would it be there? 



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I am unaware of such a setting.  Window-eyes used to have one but I know of no other screen-reader that does.  What programs does this happen in?  Are you running anything in  the background?  I wonder if something is slowing something down and causing the problem.  What synthesizer are you using?


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hello everyone.
in nvda 2017.3, how can i increase caret movement timeout?
i face repeating characters, lines word,
or announcement of wrong character by nvda.
thanks and God bless you!

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