Re: Numpad Issue With NVDA And Thunderbird

Robert Logue

I just tried.  highlighting and pressing nvda numpad 5; while reading a thunderbird message body.  I have about the same result except NVDA says "section"."

I also tried while composing and got a slightly different result.

about:blank  document  focused  editable
" plus the line the cursor is on.

Just press numpad 5 alone, to read the word the cursor is on, and press twice to spell.

There was no problem using nvda+numpad 5 in the message headers.

version 2019.3 portable.


2019.1.1 installed.

Thunderbird  60.9.1


On 2020-03-01 2:51 p.m., Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

I am not quite sure when this started--probably with the 2019.3 update, but now when I am in a Thunderbird message and I want to try to highlight a word in an open message and check the spelling, when I press insert + numpad 5, NVDA says: 'blank.'  This also occurs in the subject field and the other header fields.

Has anyone else noticed this and is there a work around?

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