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Jacob Kruger

On my machine, it only seemed to have taken off classicShell, but, I reinstalled it from latest version off their site, and working fine now.

Besides that, haven't had any real issues with it as of yet?

And, for example, while suppose this might have to do with running latest master snapshot of NVDa, or windows 10 anniversary itself, the command line console is back to where it used to be a while ago - reading out text to me instead of trying to spell out characters as they were being printed, and, that's quite a good thing for me in terms of when want to do various things, including playing around with python programming language, since have been having to use review cursors to re-read the screen contents, where now can just listen to it the first time round, and then review it if I want to.

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On 2016-08-07 7:22 PM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
It will delete any Email client like the recently hacked version of Outlook express without even asking, including it seems, all the email in it, or at least orphaning it off. also deleted my copy of Classic Shell as well.
Said it was not compatible but I understand a new version is on their web site.
It also seems to hve some issues with some of my existing programs which tend to lock up as far as it is concerned.

It also put Edge in as the running browser and left me to log into their outlook web mail app, which I cannot stand.
However gradually getting it sorted out and I guess one can go back to the earlier build if one wants to, but its not clear how this is achieved at the moment. I only have 10 on a test machine right now but I'd be very annoyed about its behaviour toward old or supposedly non working software if it was a machine, say with all my emails on it.
Does anyone know if it does this with Live mail versions as well?


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