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It may not help but you could try putting the phrase in the speech dictionary and then placing a space in the pronounced as field.  Do you hear these announcements when you use read current line or only when you move?  If you hear them using read current line, then have the announcements spelled to make sure you get all the characters and spaces where they should be.

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I have the same problem.  I posted about it on this list several days ago.


To the best of  my knowledge there is no way to get rid of this annoying notation.





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Subject: [nvda] Outlook 2016 issue


A friend of mine is running windows 10 64 bit professional.  He has not received the anniversary update.  He is running outlook 2016 via office 365.  He is running nvda 2016.2.1.  He has the latest wintenapps add-on.


When he arrows down through his list of messages, the following is prepended to each listing:

Associated Draft No Associated Drafts,

After which he hears what he expects to hear; the from and subject fields and the date received and so forth.

He can review the prepended characters with the numPad keys.  He got someone to look at his screen and they report that the prepended characters do not appear visually.


We tried running nvda without add-ons and uninstalling and reinstalling nvda without success.


Has anyone else experienced this behavior and, if so, is there a way to stop it?


Thanks very much for any thoughts,


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