Re: Change in CTRL+Backspace behavior in MS-Word, but not Notepad or Outlook


Hmmm I wander if this is a word issue if someone has contacted the microsoft guy supposedly on the win10 list.

I think his name is shuching, he doesn't often send at all, but pops up from time to time when a problem is really bad.

So while I am unsure if he is on this list to, its possible he allready knows about it and is doing something about it without telling us.

I do wander if someone can do feadback to microsoft or ring microsoft access and report this.

On 8/03/2020 1:41 am, Joseph Lee wrote:


Ha, found the root cause: this is Word issue, not NVDA. In short, Word announces this, which NVDA picks up. The short-term solution is to block all sorts of announcements like this from Word, with the ideal solution being blocking only some messages.

Technical: UIA notification event problem.

I’ll comment on a potential fix on a GitHub issue Quentin has created.




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Sent: Friday, March 6, 2020 12:02 PM
Subject: [nvda] Change in CTRL+Backspace behavior in MS-Word, but not Notepad or Outlook


Lately, when I hit the control+backspace keys to delete a word, NVDA does not announce the word I am deleting. Instead, it says “delete back word.”

I would much prefer that it says the word I am deleting, as it always has before.

I have also since tested this in Notepad, and in Outlook. Both of those are acting normally. They do not say “delete back word.”

If anyone can help me figure out how to set this back to normal in MS Word, please let me know. Thanks so much.

Konnie Ellis

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