Re: Dropbox and MS Word templates.

Sarah k Alawami

Actually keybase is a good choice to and fast. I just moved a 5 gig video to my mac in about maybe 3 minutes or so. Downloading stuff is a bit slow but for document work it's blazing fast.

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On 8 Mar 2020, at 13:05, Robert Kingett wrote:

TLDR: Removing Dropbox fixes a Microsoft word problem where Dropbox would make changes to templates in the backround.

Since I scared a few people in this coffee shop, including a very dashing African American man, after whooping for joy at my discovery, I’d thought I’d share it here. First, the scenario.

The problem.

Whenever working on a template based off this macro enabled manuscript template, no matter what file type I saved the document in, I kept getting this random dialog box that would pop up. The dialog box read; would you also like to save changes to the document template? Even though I was working in a DOCX file, not the template. Every time, I hit no. Still, it kept popping up at random times. It aggravated me so much I even tried asking my literary agent if she had this same problem when working on my books. She said she didn't. Fine, I thought. It was time to go hunting.

Microsoft Office support.

To make an extremely long story short, they weren't helpful. This is after trying them for weeks After I explained the problem to dozens of supervisors, they kept trying to route me to the disability answer desk. When, I didn't have an accessibility problem, I had a technical problem. The disability answer desk said I had a very complex problem and then routed me back to Office support. One supervisor at Office support said I needed a macro reader. I explained that didn't make any sense at all, because the macros I created were saved in the template, in word, so they should work fine. They still insisted I needed a macro reader. After trying a few more Office supervisors, who all told me that I needed a macro reader, I turned to the web.

Ever closer.

The web all said it was a Bluetooth add in that was causing the problem, when other, sighted, users would randomly see the same dialog box pop up when they were working on a document. I learned this is because the Bluetooth add in for Microsoft Office was making changes to the template in the background.

Even though I didn't have the Bluetooth add in installed, I began looking for an add in that would mess with stuff in the background. I also assumed this add on was working for all word programs because this was also happening on excel documents as well. I noticed an add on that I didn't notice before. Drop box.

Trying to get rid of dropbox.

Seriously, I don't understand why this thing is so hard to get rid of. The add in, not the actual program. I tried disabling the add in. It didn't work. I tried completely removing and installing office again, even deleting leftover files and registry items. It didn't work. It still had the add in when I installed Office again. I tried navigating to the path and deleting the DLL file. Maybe if it couldn't find its file, it wouldn't start. It created a backup. I deleted the backup DLL file. It still worked the next time I booted up word.

I then finally, completely, removed Drop box from my system. Problem fixed. The add in didn't magically appear, nor install itself. I tried moving my portable apps to one drive, but one drive isn't made for portable programs, I'm learning. It syncs incredibly slow for file types other than text files. This isn't good for email clients like Thunderbird. It also takes forever to update program folders.

After apologizing to my friends that I've shared folders with, I deactivated drop box on this work computer.

I moved all my documents to OneDrive. Couldn't be happier. No system limitations. No activation limitations, as far as I can tell. And, it syncs really fast when I boot up my other writing laptops. Lastly, my literary agent is happy. She uses it and Google Drive. Best part? It doesn’t push program add ins at you every few days. Others will have no clue drop box has a word add in. I don't know how it installed to begin with. I certainly didn't authorize it, and I'm pretty tech savvy, even though I can't code to save my life.

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