NVDA saying unknown in treeview inn thunder bird

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi guys

has any one else noticed after you open thunder bird  then tab a couple of times until you hear nvda say treeview you hear the word unknown?

If I do not have audio themes turned on  it acts as normal and reads out tree view.

It does not seem to happen  unless I turn on a add on called audio themes.

If audio themes is enabled at times I will hear nvda say unknown when I get to tree view When it says unknown it will not let you do really any ting unless you tab or shift/tab back.

Some times a restart of nvda will put it back to normal or even turning it off then back on then it might start again.

But if disabled then nvda turned off then on again it does not seem to happen.

At present it is disabled and does not seem to happen.

Can any others who use that add on confirm when enabled it happens? I have not set up any type of profile for it either just installed it this is with nvda 2019.3 and windows 10 version 1909

Gene nz

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