locked Add-on Updater 20.03 #addonrelease


Hello all,


First, as Coronavirus is gripping the world, please wash your hands, heed travel advisories, and check and double-check information floating around the internet.


Add-on Updater 20.03 is on its way – this important (and mandatory) add-on release will show up for all NVDA users within the next 24 hours. Changes include:


  • NVDA 2019.3 or later is required.
  • NVDA itself will check compatibility range, not the add-on.


As I announced a few weeks ago, with Add-on Updater 20.03, all my add-ons I’m currently maintaining have graduated to Python 3 – all my add-ons will now require NVDA 2019.3 or later. As such, once Add-on Updater 20.03 shows up, old Python 2 versions of my add-ons will be removed from community add-ons website.



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