Re: New Computer- problems with NVDA response

Tony Ballou


Well now this explains plenty, sigh. This is one of the more notorious AV products and unfortunately not in a good way. The only real way to uninstall this is to delete the registry key associated with McAfee. Things may have changed in recent years.   I've successfully done it, but I don['t recommend that anyone mess around in the registry unless they are totally sure of what they are doing.


On 3/9/2020 5:38 PM, Kevin Cussick via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi,   I use to go out to fix computers for RNIB,   my heart sinks when I hear about this Av Product.   if You can get a a refund and get rid it used to be hard to remove as well. good luck.

On 08/03/2020 23:48, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Sun, Mar 8, 2020 at 05:36 PM, Anna Givens wrote:

    I just bought the subscription for McAfee, so not wanting to take it
    off. Why would I need to?

And if they give you 30 days to turn it back in, my recommendation is that you do.  Over the last several years there have been multiple, and sometimes repeated for a given brand, issues with 3rd party security suites and Windows 10. Windows Defender, as implemented under Windows 8 and 10, lands in the top tier of security suites consistently, and is more than just adequate protection.


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