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That's why full containment has been applied here.

Teh disease is not the most serous we know, but it 's very contageous, and our National Health Services risks collapsing if too many people get ill at the same time...

Ok. This is OT, so I won't continue. But it's a big thing at the momtnt, and it's going to affect all of us, one way or another, even if we don't get the virus.

Work, shopping, schools... Every aspect of our social life is affected...

Take care, and keep safe!


On 10/03/2020 00:12, Arlene wrote:

Yes, this corna virus is scarey. If we are not careful. It can wipe out this whole world.

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This coronavirus is scary.

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Hello all,

First, as Coronavirus is gripping the world, please wash your hands, heed travel advisories, and check and double-check information floating around the internet.

Add-on Updater 20.03 is on its way ā€“ this important (and mandatory) add-on release will show up for all NVDA users within the next 24 hours. Changes include:

* NVDA 2019.3 or later is required.
* NVDA itself will check compatibility range, not the add-on.

As I announced a few weeks ago, with Add-on Updater 20.03, all my add-ons Iā€™m currently maintaining have graduated to Python 3 ā€“ all my add-ons will now require NVDA 2019.3 or later. As such, once Add-on Updater 20.03 shows up, old Python 2 versions of my add-ons will be removed from community add-ons website.



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