Re: NVDA's Tiflotecnia Vocalizer stopoped working again

Rui Fontes


Glad you are already with Vocalizer running!

Às 22:06 de 11/03/2020, Gerardo Corripio escreveu:

Rui Thanks a lot! Just wanted to let you know that I was able to activate my license again. I went into the NVDA/Vocalizer menu and immediately it prompted me for my Email and password, and away it activated! I thought it was another process like the first time I activated in which I had to go into the site and log-in etc., thus that’s why I asked on the NVDA list, but it’s all working now. What a relief! Thanks for everything! And especially for finally fixing the bug of the activation message found in Vocalizer 3.10! Now with the 3.11 it’s working great! Thanks again for everything! Your company rocks! As they say in English! Keep up the great work!

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