Re: Chrome And Edge Chromium problem

Sarah k Alawami

This is not an nvda issue. This is a chrome issue. I have ben having the same issue with twitch. It will do the same thing. Same with the brave browser too.

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On 11 Mar 2020, at 15:25, majno wrote:

Hello. There has been some Chromium update wich makes nvda non reads properly some sites. one of those sites is

This site shows dynamic text wich NVDA reads line by line. But since one or two weeks each time a new line is printed NVDA reads all lines making it imposible to use the chat section  or battle for example.

This problem probably is happening for other sites with dynamic content.

the problem run when using Chrome and Edge chromium, not with firefox. Also using NVDA and JAWS, but windows narrator still works fine.

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