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William, if you want to have free hosting while at the same time
experimenting w/WordPress, then I suggest you consider a site on
wordpress.com. You get an url that looks like
wordpress.com/yourusername, but it'll allow you to begin discovering
what WordPress has to offer for free & also not have to worry about
administering your site.

The downside, as Sarah points out, is that you don't have as much
control over the themes you can use, & plugins to extend the site's
functionality are pretty much nonexistent.

I do host websites, but I charge for that service, & likely more than
larger companies do, simply because I supply more services behind the
scenes. Note also that my signature contains a mailing list for
WordPress newbies to which you should feel free to subscribe. Lastly,
www.wp4newbs.com is a site that contains some free WordPress
tutorials, but much of it concentrates on site administration, so if
you're going to use wordpress.com for awhile, you might not need those
right now.

I believe wordpress.com allows you to install the WordPress Classic
Editor, & I would recommend you get started w/WordPress using that.

On 3/12/20, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@gmail.com> wrote:
I personally don't believe in using free web hosting. I pay for all of
mine, and my clients' web hosting packages, or at least they do lol!
I'ts much better that way, and you are in control of what plugins you
use and don't use, and can scan for problems etc.

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On 12 Mar 2020, at 6:01, William Wong wrote:


I would like to know, are there visually impaired people using
wordpress for your site?

Are you using any free webhosting, and any of them are accessible
using NVDA?



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