Re: Can I bundle the remote addon with NVDA?


It can't unless portable NVDA itself is run ad administrator (not recommended). With portable copy, one cannot interact with User Account Control and secure screens effectively.

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That’s a good idea. What happens if I need to do something on the computer that requires admin privileges? I thought portable copies of NVDA could not read programs ran in elevated mode.
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Sure you can.
Create a portable NVDA and install remote. Set it up to autoconnect. After that, create a self-extracting archive which automatically runs it.
For example, see 7-Zip's help file for -sfx.

On 3/13/2020 12:48 PM, Ryan Mann wrote:
I will be connecting to somebody’s computer remotely. This person does not have NVDA installed on their computer. I was thinking that maybe I could some how bundle the NVDA installer with the NVDA Remote addon, put it on my web site then get them to open the link to it. If not, I can just have a link for NVDA and a separate link for the addon. I want to make this as easy as practical.

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