Re: Accessibility issues with latest potplayer, warn user not to upgrade to latest version


Hi, sorry just saw your reply.

Well, I finally managed to make the setting work.

How to copy time to clipboard?

Go into setting, there is a page to configure hotkey.

In there you can add hotkey and its associated function.
yunus Emre 於 25/2/2020 0:04 寫道:

Hi  William Wong,
You don't have to downgrade.
Restart potplayer several times and try f5.
When you get to preferences: find tree view, go to top, expand general, under general Skins. Press tab several times, make Context menu combox and change it to system dafult.
Context menu:  System default  
And save it.
I hope it'll get fixed.
Can you tell me how do you copy current time by pressing hotkey?

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