Using Matrix with NVDA.


I wanted to share a blog post by Marco, one of many blind contributors to FireFox. The blog post below talks about one way of using Matrix. Matrix, is supposed to be like email. It's supposed to be a decentralized, open source, but federated, connected, IM network. The goal is to make it like email. No matter what client you use, you can chat with anybody. The bridges, to Skype, for example, are very time consuming and technical at the moment. Still, this protocol is in it's baby phase. Give a look at the links below.

I forgot to add. No, I haven't seen a blind developer make an accessible chat app yet. For now, RIOT appears to be the only accessible app. I hope this changes when developers start making their own apps.

For those of us who use Miranda NG, no. They haven't added this protocol yet. They should. Anyway, enjoy the blog.

Using Matrix and Riot with a screen reader.

Accessibility category on Riots blog.

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