Re: Beware anniversary update for...


Brian Gaff asked, "Does anyone know if it does this with Live mail versions as well?"

The Anniversary update carried over Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail 2012, and Outlook 2010 on my machine without any issue at all.

It is no surprise that it archives Outlook Express, which has not had official support in years and which runs only as a hacked version, likely using the original code base that Windows would recognize as not "automatically" compatible with Windows 10.  There are a bunch of application programs which are archived because their developers have not updated their code with what Windows 10 requires to know that it is "officially compatible" with Windows 10.  I've lost utilities like CPU-ID and a couple of other programs that will run just fine under Windows 10, but whose developers did not change the code to allow Windows 10 to recognize that it's OK to carry it along.  A lot of this stuff can be reinstalled and run just fine.  If you're accessing your e-mail using IMAP, regardless of the client, you lose nothing if that client gets archived as part of an upgrade process.

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