Re: is it possible to save configuration for NVDA on lock screen?


if we have addons,
we recieve a message about security and whether we want to copy
configurations or not.
then, if we say yes,
it works.

On 3/16/20, William Wong <> wrote:
But that function doesnt work if yoou have plugins installed.

Chris via Groups.Io 於 15/3/2020 18:51 寫道:

Under nvda general settings try the use currently saved setting for
login and other secure screens option

*From: *Samuel Kacer <>
*Sent: *15 March 2020 10:35
*To: * <>
*Subject: *[nvda] is it possible to save configuration for NVDA on
lock screen?


I just tried configuring NVDA settings on the startup screen to make
the voice faster. This is really annoying with UAC dialogues in

I then wanted to save the new settings but noticed that there is no
"save configuration" option in the NVDA menu. and when coming back to
the lock screen, indeed the new settings are reset back.

Is it categorically impossible for me to configure NVDA settings for
the startup screen as a user, or is there a workaround?

Really appreciate if anyone can share if they know!

Kind Regards,


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