Re: Announce numbers as a single digit

Rui Fontes


You can use this add-on:

Here is the relevant content of manifest.ini:

name = numberProcessing
summary = "Digits Reader"
description = """A new way to read digits"""
author = "Roberto Buffolino"
minimumNVDAVersion = 2019.2.0
lastTestedNVDAVersion = 2019.3.0

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 11:04 de 16/03/2020, Ramesh Patil escreveu:

So what is the option available now?

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020, 3:32 PM zahra <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:
as i studied user guide and nvda github issues, its not in nvda settings.
it was intended for 2017.4, but its not included in nvda settings in
the final version.

On 3/16/20, Ramesh Patil <ramesh.patil1989@...> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> How to announce number more than 4 digit as a single digit. Any addon is
> available or any setting change required
> I remember one addon is available few years back. But i am unable to find
> now. It is added to nvda setting?

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