Re: NVDA Slowing to a Crawl again in Thunderbird

Robert Logue

My version with latest NVDA sometimes is very slow just moving through the message list. Takes as much as 5 seconds after pressing down arrow to move to the next in the list.  I have message pain turned off.

I notice it speeds up after a few minutes. Think Thunderbird does a lot of extra processing when first opened.

Here are some of my Thunderbird Options:

Options  dialog
Display  radio button  checked  2 of 8
tab control
Advanced  tab  selected  3 of 3
property page  Reading
Open messages in:  grouping
An existing message window  radio button  checked  Alt+e  3 of 3
Close message window/tab on move or delete  check box  not checked  Alt+C

I just turned on Use hardware acceleration when available; turned off auto and smooth scrolling.  Not sure which of these settings works best on my system.  ,  It is an older i5 processor with onboard graphics; no dedicated graphics card.

Advanced  radio button  checked  8 of 8
tab control
General  tab  selected  1 of 5
Scrolling  grouping
Use autoscrolling  check box  not checked  Alt+U
Use smooth scrolling  check box  not checked  Alt+m
System Integration  grouping
Always check to see if Thunderbird is the default mail client on startup  check box  not checked  Alt+A
Check Now…  button  Alt+N
Allow Windows Search to search messages  check box  not checked Alt+S
Advanced Configuration  grouping
Enable Global Search and Indexer  check box  not checked  Alt+G
Message Store Type for new accounts:  combo box  File per folder (mbox)  collapsed  Alt+T
Use hardware acceleration when available  check box  checked Alt+h

On 2020-03-12 4:17 p.m., Rich DeSteno wrote:
I wrote about this problem maybe a month ago, but it  cleared up on its own.  .  It is now back again in full force. In Thunderbird, the keyboard barely works at all.  Trying to arrow down to read an email line--by-line if excruciatingly slow. Several seconds pass before NVDA reacts.  I switched to a version of Jaws that is a few years old, just to see if the same thing happened, but Jaws worked fine.  I don't know how this problem resolved itself last time, but it needs to be resolved again.  Any ideas?

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