For users of online conferencing systems: do report accessibility problems, add-on authors standing by to help


Hello all,


I hope you are taking advice from public health officials and reputable sources as we navigate this difficult moment in history. As always, please do wash your hands and take other precautions. And please, please, please, unless you have to, do NOT buy emergency supplies all at once.


Onto the matter at hand: I know that many workplaces and schools have or are planning to deploy online conferencing systems such as Zoom. Because there may be accessibility issues with some of these systems when using with NVDA, I have requested a community-wide help from NVDA add-ons regarding accessibility concerns. If you do encounter accessibility problems, do let developers know, and if you want folks to write you a quick add-on or two, please don’t hesitate to let the NVDA community know. The last thing the community needs to hear is someone struggling even more due to inaccessible online conferencing systems.



Joseph P.S. I have resumed add-on development work, but plan to provide assistance for conferencing system users if requested.

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