conference software updates



I wouldn't usually report any of this but since we are in lockdown mode over this virus I thought I'd do it.

Firstly for all of those expecting updates you will have noticed all updates bar essential updates are going out.

So sadly for those chrome users wanting the latest update there isn't a chrome update right now at least not yet.

For hp systems network and diagnostic software got updates as well as support software on applicable systems.

There was a small update for the codec guide, some camera and other non urgent apps.

Skype is out for those that care.

The update landscape seems to have locked down, my graphics card has got no updates this month neither has much else.

Also be aware that out there there are some ratbags hacking health phacilities like hospitals and there is a program out there on android to track the virus spread which is actually fake and will instead lock your phone, charge 100 dollars for you to pay someone then wipe the phone and ask you to pay to get your stuff back so be carefull where you click.

Remember all, that while this virus is a problem, fear is also a major killer.

Remember the hitch hikers guide cover and don't panic.

I will post more on chat.

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