changing reading speed on the fly in say all profile



as I understand profiles, there was a bug in NVDA 2019.2.1 and  earlier, where say all profile used reading speed setting from parent profile "word, wordpad". with 2019.3.1 this bug has been resolved and behaveour is consistent, but now I don't know how to change reading speed on the fly via synth ring. in previous versions of NVDA I was able to change reading speed via synth ring in parent profile and this setting was inherited by say all.

- open e.g. word document
- create profile linked to word if already not
- create profile, which is link to say all trigger.
- go back to word
- change reading speed via synth ring
- start say all

expected result say all will use a new speed
actual behaveour: say all uses its own speed

So what can I do to use synth ring on say all? should I activate it manually via keyboard, but it would be very annoying, because it destroy trigger system.

thx for your help.

best regards,

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