Re: Serious issue with NVDA not reading menus and totally silent in Firefox and Chrome

Tyler Spivey

Ultimately, if it's the issue I think it is, it's NV Access' responsibility to fix it once and for all. However, since they don't seem to be doing anything about it...

My guess is this is an instance of #9039. To avoid a lot of back and forth, let's assume it is; if it's not, no harm done.

1. Run the COM Registration Fixing Tool, follow its prompts, and reboot just for good measure. If it fixed it, then great, nothing to worry about and you can stop here.

However if that didn't fix it (which I doubt it would), please do the following, assuming you have an installed copy of NVDA 2019.3 or higher:
1. Press windows+r to open the run dialog.
2. Type nvda
3. Press control shift enter and answer yes to the prompt that appears to run as administrator.
4. When NVDA restarts, open the python console either with NVDA+CTRL+z or in the tools menu.
5. Paste this long line in and hit enter. If you're using teamviewer, I'm not sure how you get the clipboard across; maybe it does it automatically.

import comtypes,ctypes;p=comtypes.typeinfo.LoadTypeLibEx(r"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll");ctypes.windll.oleaut32.RegisterTypeLib(p,r"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll", None)

If it says traceback, then the line didn't work, and it may have been pasted incorrectly. In that case, come back here and we'll figure out why.

6. Restart NVDA. Things should work again. If they don't, try rebooting.

On 3/18/2020 3:53 AM, Mallard wrote:
Hello all,

A friend of mine recently bought a HP laptop.

She experiences some really weird behaviours with NVDA.

When the Start key is pressed, no menu is read.

But that can be bypassed by using the Start button on the bar.

The main issue is that both Firefox and Chrome aer unreadable, and I-ve never seen anything like that in my life.

I tried to help her via Teamviewer, as she lives in a different town, and I was shocked.

How is it possible that NVDA doesn-t read browsers like that_

I-m not a techie at all, so have no idea of what to do and how to help her.

she-s a teacher and, with the Covid/19 lockdown active here in Italy, she needs to teach online. Not easy under these conditions.

any help will be greatly appreciated.



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