Re: Serious issue with NVDA not reading menus and totally silent in Firefox and Chrome


Saying unknown wouldn’t have happened if the problem was accessibility settings.  If the problem was accessibility settings, you wouldn’t have heard anything when you tried to read a page. 
I simply wrote what I did in my earlier messages to clarify the problem and to help you do the most likely things first that might resolve the problem.

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Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 12:21 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Serious issue with NVDA not reading menus and totally silent in Firefox and Chrome
Addendum> No. No browser read a single thing when you opened it. All you
got was "Unknown", Unknown, unknown, whatever you did...

Anyway, it-s all in the past now. Issue solved.

Ciao, stay safe,


On 18/03/2020 17:31, Gene wrote:
> The message is unclear.  The subject line refers to menus but the
> first part of the message talks about the start menu.  I strongly
> suspect that that is what is being referred to, not that menus are not
> read in Firefox and in Chrome.  If, in fact, menus aren’t being read
> in Chrome and Firefox, then Ron may be right about the accdcessibility
> settings, but I find it very unlikely that both browsers would have
> this setting be incorrect in the default installation and the user
> would be extremely unlikely to have changed them.  Therefore, without
> more information, I shall assume that the menus work in both browsers
> and that the start menu is the menu referred to in the subject line.
> Also, the description is that Firefox and Chrome are unreadable. 
> Nothing is said about menus.
> Gene
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> *Subject:* Re: [nvda] Serious issue with NVDA not reading menus and
> totally silent in Firefox and Chrome
> Try a complete reinstall of NVDA. This might help. All nvda related
> folders will need to be removed. Also if she has any add ons try
> uninstalling those then on the full reinstall of nvda reinstall the
> add ons one at a time to see if they still have the issue.
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> On 18 Mar 2020, at 3:53, Mallard wrote:
>     Hello all,
>     A friend of mine recently bought a HP laptop.
>     She experiences some really weird behaviours with NVDA.
>     When the Start key is pressed, no menu is read.
>     But that can be bypassed by using the Start button on the bar.
>     The main issue is that both Firefox and Chrome aer unreadable, and
>     I-ve never seen anything like that in my life.
>     I tried to help her via Teamviewer, as she lives in a different
>     town, and I was shocked.
>     How is it possible that NVDA doesn-t read browsers like that_
>     I-m not a techie at all, so have no idea of what to do and how to
>     help her.
>     she-s a teacher and, with the Covid/19 lockdown active here in
>     Italy, she needs to teach online. Not easy under these conditions.
>     any help will be greatly appreciated.
>     Ciao,
>     Ollie

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