Re: changing reading speed on the fly in say all profile

Sarah k Alawami

You realise you have sent this 5 or so times, either that or someone is bottom posting. If that is the case I don't read all the way to the bottom as I don't really have the time to do so.. I hope you can file an issue on github and provide logs.

Take care

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On 17 Mar 2020, at 20:59, J.G wrote:

Thank you for your help. I can change settings of say all profile, when it is manually activated, but when I have pressed NVDA+down, and then tried to use synth ring via ctrl+NVDA+arrow keys, NVDA immediately fell back to original profile, so I was only able to change speech rate of this profile. I understand this logic behind, but anyway is it possible to embed some delay before fall back to original profile or other solution so we can save some time or I'm doing something wrong?

best regards,

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