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You can change what is said for a period to some other word. 
I’ll let others explain how to change what is said when a ;period is seen.  I haven’t experinented with it enough to describe it well.  But consider that something like period is three sylables and takes longer to say.  Dot is short, only one sylable.  I’d  much rather have dot be spoken.  You may want to give it a chance, perhaps a number of days and see if you get used to it. 
You can back up the dictionary file or files.  Since you probably use the installed version and I use the portable version, the file or files will be in a different location. 
As far as how to use the dictionary, do you know how to open it?  Use NVDA key n to open the menu.  Up or down arrow to preferences and press enter.  You will be in a list of dictionaries you can use.  You are on default didctionary.  Press enter to use it.  You will now be in a list of words.  If you haven’t added any, there will be none.
Tab to the add button and press the space bar.
In the field you are in, type the word or whatever you want to change the pronunciation of.
Tab once and type something you think will result in the pronunciation you want.  Use read current line if you want to hear it spoken. 
Tab to the ok button and press the space bar.  Tab again to another ok button and press the space bar.  You have added a word to the dictionary.  I won’t discuss other aspects of the dictionaries hhere. 
I don’t know why you hear pane.  But do you read manually line by line or do you use read to end?  If you are reading line by line, try read to end and see what happens.  Also, if you are reading mail in plain text, try HTML or visa versa to see if that solves the problem.
I use Windows Live Mail and I have no such problem so I can’t discuss what the cause may be or a solution I have tested.

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Hello once again to all.
I noticed when reading my mail, which I'm using the Windows live mail for my
mail, I'm noticing at the end of every line NVDA reads pane.
And the periods as dots.
Is there a way to turn these pane announcements off and also when we need to
hear that there's a period at the end of a sentence, that it reads period
instead of dot?
Also, how can one take advantage of the pronunciations dictionary and can
that file be backed up?
Many thanks, Ron who'll probably have more NVDA questions for the list to
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