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On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 07:10 PM, Nimer Jaber wrote:
but a lot depends on the content the teacher decides to use.
When I was working with graduate students this was the biggest issue, not the specific course management system (web-based) being used.

The number of scanned PDFs that predate the era when OCR was "automatically done" is huge, and a great many (including some who are the so-called disability services specialists) have no idea about this.  It's not that it's not easy to post-process these to OCR them, but when students encounter ones that have never been done that should be done, promptly, for the documents that are used in the central repository, otherwise it remains something that students have to do themselves over and over and over again when it could have been done by "the powers that be" once, and be there ever after.

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