Re: corona software update


My patience is very, very, very thin. I've got a question for you. Do you know how to insert links with markdown?

If not, this markdown tutorial will show you how.

If you're sending these from an email client, use the keyboard command, CTRL K, to insert links. To make a hyperlink, select the word/phrase, then hit CTRL K.

How in the bloody world did you not include links with that first message? For others, I've attempted to find articles giving more detail on his hastily and extremely poorly sourced email, but, check below for links. At least, the links I was able to find, anyway.

  1. Looks Like Microsoft is Killing the UWP Version of Skype.
  2. Skype video and Messaging app integration to be replaced by Skype UWP App, but what about mobile?

I couldn't find anything else you were talking about. If anyone else has links, I'd like to see them. The verge hasn't written about this yet, and they are usually really good at extracting vague details Microsoft likes to tease, because, you know, capitalism!

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