Re: corona software update


Yes and no.

What it means is that windows universal and desktop skype will become 1 thing.

The universal app is the one getting the chop here.

So everyone will be using what we currently call the desktop app.

It will be managed from the store to.

On 21/03/2020 5:02 am, zahra wrote:
i became worried.
do you mean that desktop version of skype won't work anymore?
i really need skype and wish to use it!

On 3/20/20, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
Hi all.

This is just a small update in case you either didn't notice, are to
sick to notice or to busy shooting zombies in undead-assault.

Skype uwp is being replaced by electron according to

There will be a few things missing but the latest preview for insiders
is electron and it will eventually all be from the store.

On one hand we will lose the desktop version but on the other hand, we
get a better universal version.

Amd and nvidia have drivers that are updated for this month.

Its worth noting that if you are offered this that on edge it may crash
with netflicks, the changelog said microsoft edge but I am unsure if
thats chromium or the old edge.

Dropbox has an update.

Some windows versions have an update.

And according to windows update twitter support for windows 1709 on
enterprise and business systems is being pushed back to october this year.

More general news on the chat.

I technically could put all of this on chat but thought that I should
split the technical and non technical parts of this

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