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Ramesh Patil <ramesh.patil1989@...>

Dear Louis

I have done this trick already.
But did not work for me.

On Sat, Mar 21, 2020, 9:58 AM Louis Maher <ljmaher03@...> wrote:

Hello Ramesh,


This problem comes up periodically.  You can try unchecking the box which says “allow editing directly in cells”.  In Excel 365, do this:

Open an Excel spreadsheet. 

Type alt + f. Up arrow to options, hit enter. Down arrow to advanced. Tab until you find the box which says “allow editing directly in cells. Uncheck that box. Shift + Tab until you reach OK. Hit enter.



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Subject: [nvda] Facing problem with Excel 2013


Hi guys,

I am facing to strange problems with Excel 2013

1.  whenever I type any word directly in any cell  NVDA  does not speak first letter of that world  after pressing enter. 

2. Whenever I press F2 to edit any cell content and using navigation key for reading that letters NVDA  say only  unknown unknown

I am using latest version of NVDA and Excel 2013 with windows 10

Please guide me in this matter

thanks and regards Ramesh.

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