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On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 02:06 PM, Joseph Lee wrote, to describe the Voice Dictionary:
Think of it as default dictionary but active only if the chosen voice from the chosen synthesizer is in use.
Thanks for the clarification.

That's precisely the reason I chose to use the Default Dictionary over the Voice Dictionary, as I suspect that this issue crosses multiple OneCore voices and presume that "un-" and "re-" prefixes on verbs will not be read with the hyphen pronounced when doing read-all for any synth.  I could be utterly wrong, and would love to have confirmation or refutation.

It's often a matter of what synths and voices you're using and whether a change to the Default Dictionary screws something up for one (or more) of the synths/voices you use regularly while fixing something only for one.  Trial and error . . .

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