Re: Q Read alternative

hurrikennyandopo ...


It does all it mentions and is very easy to use.

he also done the speech hub program where you could install other packages of synths like all in the one place like a hub. But the add on needs to be updated so it works with the newer nvda 2019.3

The developers name is Isaac Porat He also done a calculator program which I think is hosted off the same website.

Have not seen him on list That would be the latest version as it done all he wanted.

he does have a email list that you could contact h him on.

Gene nz

it to doRobert Kingett wrote:

The only thing I could find about speak on is the below website? The last update was 2016. Is there a newer version I'm missing? It seems like it's a media player rather than a book reader so if anybody has an updated link, put it in the thread.

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