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Ron Canazzi

Hello Wally,

With all due respect, many people still use Window-Eyes.  Some people with limited needs do not need any further advancements. Furthermore, this attitude of yours would also eliminate the discussion of such programs widely used by the blind because  of their accessibility such as Windows Live Mail and Udora mail.  These programs are also not being developed any more but they are quite serviceable for the needs of many people.

On 3/22/2020 6:04 AM, Marisane Moruthanyana wrote:
Hi gurus

This is Wally from SA.

I am often confused by people still referring others to what is no longer there.

When one asks for assistance, one expects you, gurus to assist in
terms of what we now have.

I would like to request the administrators of these lists to mute
those people who continuously mislead us.

We do not have Window Eyes any longer so, according to me assisting
someone using the mentality of ignoring change, does not help the
blind community.

Census, why is this topic allowed here? Is it about technology?

Let these lists be used in context.

I am not angry, but concerned.

We ask what is relevant in these mailing lists and we are
unfortunately not responded to due to unnecessary conversations that
take place on the lists.

Let us respect the lists for purposes of learning and self-enhancement.

The lists are meant for us to learn and effectively use technology and
not for anything else.

Thanking you in advance for your understanding.

Wally Marisane: SA

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