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Christo de Klerk

Hi David

I had never heard of Speak On Media before until you told us about it and on your recommendation I downloaded and installed it. It looks amazing.

I just have one issue with it and wonder if you have any information about this that can help: It does not seem to see any of my non-English SAPI voices. I would very much have liked it to read books in my language for which I have a SAPI installed which is recognised by everything else that works with SAPI. Do you have any idea how I could overcome this issue or what might be causing the limitation?

Kind regards


On 2020/03/22 03:40pm, David Griffith wrote:

It is  not a media player rather than a book reader but both and a lot lot more.


I will send a list of my Podcasts on it in a minute,


David Griffith


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From: Robert Kingett
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Q Read alternative


The only thing I could find about speak on is the below website? The last update was 2016. Is there a newer version I'm missing? It seems like it's a media player rather than a book reader so if anybody has an updated link, put it in the thread.


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