Re: irrelevant information


While Window-Eyes, like JAWS, or VoiceOver, or TalkBack, or other screen readers occasionally get passing mention here during discussions, generally as a "compare and contrast" for a wanted but missing feature, they are not allowed as primary topics.

It would be foolish to even try to enforce some strict decree that any other screen reader, whether currently supported or obsolete, absolutely cannot be mentioned.

This complaint seems to me to be a solution in search of a non-existent problem.  The readership of this group, and other blind technology groups, is acutely aware that Window-Eyes is not a currently supported product, but that there are also some who have it that continue to use it and that the odd, occasional question will arise.  Asking questions about how to use Window-Eyes in the NVDA Group is off-topic, but mentioning a feature it had that NVDA does not, for example, and asking whether said feature might be in the pipeline is perfectly allowable.

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